Terence is a crawler tractor.


Bio in the Railway SeriesEdit

Thomas insulted Terence for having caterpillar tracks, but regretted it after Terence pulled him from a snowdrift.

Terence befriended Duck while Thomas was at [[|the Works]].

Terence did Percy's shunting work at [[|Ffarquhar]] while Percy was at the [[|Knapford Harbour]].

Terence was helping build a barn on the day [[|Victoria]] was sent back to [[|Thomas' Branch Line]]. After swerving for a boulder by the [[|Hackenbeck]] tunnel his trailer fell down the cutting and balanced dangerously on a tree.


Terence the tractor is an assertive, orange tractor with caterpillar tracks that the engines find very unusual. But Terence is very capable of proving that he does not need rails and that his tracks allow him to go practically anywhere. He takes any teasing in the name of fun and is happy to get on with his job, usually partaking in agricultural work. But Terence never hesitates to assist in emergencies or sticky situations, road or rail, due to his helpful, forgiving nature. His tracks are particularly invaluable in harsh winter conditions when snow can affect transport across the Island. He may be slow, but he is versatile, adaptable, and helpful. He can usually be found transporting agricultural produce or cheerily ploughing fields beside Thomas's branch line.


Terence is based on a 1934 vintage Caterpillar Model Seventy - the largest, and last, design of petrol-powered tractors in Caterpillar's range.


Terence is painted orange with grey caterpillars and a black engine and exhaust pipe.


■ Terence is drawn with a cab, but without his widow's peak in Thomas's Christmas Party.
■ Terence's television model is currently on display at Drayton Manor. His plough has been broken since the display opened.
■ Terence has a detachable plough.
■ Terence never had any eyebrows in the television series.
■ According to a magazine article, he sometimes works on Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm.


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