Thomas rule

Here are our rules, please read and follow them!

General Rules

These rules apply to EVERYTHING!

  • Give proof on info you put onto a page.
  • No vandalism.
  • No swearing (Even abbreviations and censoring).
  • No fan-fiction.
  • Do not edit unnessarily for badges.
  • Not a rule, put please create account if you want to edit. :)
  • No harassing users (ESPECIALLY admins on TTTE wikia or here).
  • If you are blocked on TTTE wikia, you will most likely be blocked here. Be aware admins will watch you!
  • Edit warring is not allowed! Doing so will result in a 3 month block.

Profile Rules

These rules apply to your profile/user page

  • Only upload videos if given approval from an admin.
  • No bashing another user/wikia.
  • Pictures must also be given approval (This does not apply to profile pictures, unless it is offensive).
  • Do NOT edit another users profile unless given approval from them. This rule does not apply to admins.

Message Wall Rules

These rules apply to yours and others message walls

  • No deleting threads/message unless given approval. This rule does not apply to admins.
  • Please use proper grammar, or try your best.
  • Feel free to delete threads you started on any wall (Be aware that an admin might ask you to not).
  • Don't forget, EVERYONE can read your messages.
  • Say more than "hi".
  • Don't talk to yourself, thats what blogs are for.

Blog Rules

These rules apply to blogging and blog commenting

  • All blogs must be at least 12 words.
  • Do not disable or renable comments on a blog. That's an admin's job.
  • No bashing another user/wikia.
  • Please say more than "hi" on a comment.

Chat Rules

These rules apply to the chatbox.

  • Follow the General rules.
  • Don't post random rubbish.
  • Stay on topic, or start a new one.
  • No bashing another user/wikia.
  • No creating new accounts to get around bans. If you do, both accounts will be handed infinte blocks.
  • Be aware, people with sir topham hatts next to their names are ChatMods or Admins.
  • If someone is breaking a rule in PM, notify a ChatMod/Admin right away. Please provide a screenshot for proof.

Admin Rules

  • No blocking a user for no reason.
  • Review ALL edits.
  • Only if given approval from the head admin (horriblestar5æ) should you promote or block a user.
  • After blocking a troublesome user, all admins should use the following template on the block users talk page:

  • If warning a user: admins must use these templates:

Template:First Warning Thank you!

7 habits rule

This is a very important rule from me, which all users on the wikia and the wikis that I'm a admin with must follow the 7 Habits. (You don't need to follow habit 3 put first things first and habit 7 sharpen the saw, as it's not nessasary to wikis.)

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive. Be nice to other Thomas fans on this wiki, even when no one is watching.Don't harass any users here.
  • Habit 2: Begin with the End In Mind. Make plans for the wiki or any article improvements.
  • Habit 4: Think win-win. Make all users happy, safe, and being leaders. Also don't make other users feel bad, as it would be a win lose situation.
  • Habit 5: seek first to understand, then to be understood. Listen to the user who's talking before you talk.
  • Habit 6: synergize! Work together when you are in a talk page finding improvements in the article or making the wikia better!

Thats it! If you break these habits, Diesel 11 or Horriblestar5æ might give you warnings, and breaking these 3 warning might result in these following blocks:

Either breaking habit 1 and/or 4 results in a 3 week block.

Breaking habit 2 results just a 2 week block.

Breaking habit 5 results in a 1 week block.

Breaking habit 6 results in a 5 day block.


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