Neville is a black 0-6-0 tender engine. At first the other engines didn't like Neville at first for, although he was quite friendly, he had the misfortune of his boiler shape being square therefore making him look more like as if he were a diesel engine than a steam engine. Thomas saw him in the yard with Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert, and soon a rumor began to spread that Neville was going to bump the other steam engines. Luckily, the rumor was rectificied and Thomas befriended the giant hearted tender engine after rescuing him, along with Annie and Clarabel from a broken viaduct.

Neville is enthusiastic, friendly, & always ready to help out the other engines in need. He never holds a grudge & can always be found passing by with a big smile on his face.


Take AlongEdit

  • Normal
  • Metallic


  • Normal


  • Neville's basis was scrapped in the year of 1964.