Hiro is an old Japanese engine who appeared in the movie Hero of the Rails. He was also the first engine to arrive on the island but when he broke down, they put him in a siding until new parts would come for him, but none came. Hiro was left in the siding for years until he was found by Thomas who helped him to become really useful again.


  • Take-Along
  • Take-n-Play

Special ModelsEdit

  • "Patchwork" Hiro (Take-n-Play)


  • Hiro was the last Take-Along model made.
  • Hiro's real life model was built in 1936, but Thomas was on the island as early as 1915, so Hiro could not have realistically been on the island first.
  • Hiro's real life counterpart is also a different gauge than depicted in the Television Series.
  • Hiro was supposed to have a different name.
  • Hiro's number is a spoof of his class, the D51s.