Fergus is an Aveling & Porter T9 railway traction engine configuration 2-2-0 that appears in navy blue paint with Gold Bands & Red Wheels.

Fergus mainly works at the Sodor cement works, and thus calls himself "the pride of cement works".

Fergus knows the rulebook by heart, & his catchphrase is "Do it Right!" His insisitence on doing everything by the rules & often annoys the others he works with (as a result of Bill & Ben), but he is a decent engine little engine at heart & will not hesitate to help a friend in need or to help a friend out of trouble.

According to the official website, Fergus now has a slight cough which affects the way he talks. This may have been caused due to his work at the dusty Cement Works.


  • Fergus was shown on Thomas & Friends as if he already arrived to Sodor.
  • The model has gold buffers.
  • When turning Fergus on curves, his wheels will get stuck, on Take Along or Take-n-Play track.
  • His model is a similar shape to Trevor