• Horriblestar5æ

    My friends here

    July 19, 2016 by Horriblestar5æ

    It seems that there are too many articles with disgusting thing or inappropriate stuff in the Thomas wikia, and we were trying to let the admins delete it, but they won't since they are all inactive. I attempted to adopt this Thomas wikia to make it better and look good as new, and recreate the wikia's logo because it looks squished! Ill update this post when I get a message from merry star!

    Adoption request link: [1] Update: I'm now a admin on the wiki since merry star approved my request.

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  • Wf72


    December 23, 2014 by Wf72

    now, you all may ask "Hunter, why are you trying to revive a dead wiki?" well, it is because i think it diserves a shot!

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    Yes, I guess I am getting more active here and starting from February 26 2013, I will try to edit every single day up to February 26 2014 so yes I am aiming to get the platinum badge! 

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  • SplatterAndDodge

    Poll and New Admin

    February 26, 2013 by SplatterAndDodge

    Hey guys! Your fabulous and handsome leader here. Today I have 2 things to say.

    1. Our new admin has been decided. Welcome Danny to the admin team!

    2. Here is our poll to ask if you want to help redo this wikia

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  • BP1992
    • Henrietta
    • The Works Unit Coach
    • Percy's Mail Car
    • Emily's Coaches
    • The Opened Topped Carriage
    • The Green Express Coach
    • The Red Branch Line Coach
    • Spencer's Coach 
    • Skarloey Railway Passenger Car (C.G.I Series version)

    • Cattle Truck
    • Troublesome Truck and Box Car 2 pack
    • Flatbed and Wellwagon 2 pack
    • Utility Wagon
    • Brakevan
    • The Calliope 
    • Milk Tanker
    • Oil Tanker
    • Fuel Tanker
    • Cream Tanker
    • Plant Van
    • Skarloey Railway Slate Truck
    • Skarloey Railway Brakevan
    • Skarloey Railway Slab Wagon
    • Skarloey Railway Host Wagon
    • Skarloey Railway V Tipper Wagon
    • Skarloey Railway Art Transporter 

    • Rocky
    • The Photographer's Draisine
    • The Pump Trolley 
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  • BP1992

    Take-n-Play Station Ideas

    January 22, 2013 by BP1992
  • Brendam</li>
    • Kellsthorpe</li>
    • Wellsworth</li>
    • Maron</li>
    • Arthur's Branch Line</li>
    • Maithewaite</li>
    • Arlesdale End</li>
    • Bluff's Cove</li>
    • Town Square</li>
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  • BP1992
    • Crovan's Gate Steamworks
    • Gordon's Hill 
    • Henry's Tunnel
    • The Shunting Yards
    • Bluff's Cove Junction
    • Castle Loch
    • Vicarstown Dieselworks
    • Whiff's Waster Dump
    • Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds
    • The Watermill
    • The Viaduct
    • The Windmill
    • The Shake Shake Bridge
    • Sodor Slate Quarry
    • The Fenland Track
    • Blondin Bridge
    • Animal Park
    • The Misty Island Tunnel
    • The School
    • M.C.BUNN
    • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House
    • The Coal Hopper
    • Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm
    • McColl Farm
    • Sodor Dairy
    • The Lighthouse
    • The Zipline Bridge
    • Boxford
    • The Logging Station
    • Sodor Bakery
    • The Saw Mill
    • Hollow Tree Tunnel
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  • BP1992

    I always thought humans should have a place in the series. So here they are. 

    • Sir Topham Hatt
    • Old Bailey
    • The Signalman
    • Mr. Percival
    • Sir Robert Norramby
    • The Driver
    • Stephen Hatt
    • The Fireman
    • Lady Hatt
    • Bridget Hatt
    • Dowager Hatt
    • The Stationmaster
    • Farmer McColl
    • Alicia Botti
    • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford
    • Farmer Trotter
    • Sir Lowham Hatt
    • The Workmen
    • The Shunter
    • The Mayor of Sodor
    • The Photographer (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Engineer (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Three Tree Specialist (from the C.G.I. Series) 
    • The Bargeman (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Firefighter (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • Mr. Bubbles
    • Bridget Hatt and her friends (4 pack)
    • The Teacher (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Bird Watchers (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Sodor United Football Team 
    • The Laundry Lady (from the C.G.I…
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  • BP1992

    Take-n-Play Vehicle Ideas

    January 15, 2013 by BP1992


    • The Farmer's Tractor (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Soft Sided Lorry (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Sodor Taxi (from the C.G.I. Series)
    • The Blue Mountain Quarry Vehicle Collection (includes a Steam Shovel, Dumper Truck, Tanker, Soft Sided Lorry, Bulldozer, and a flatbed truck)

    • S.S. Roxtar
    • Lucinda
    • The Sodor Line
    • The Canal Boat

    • Merrick
    • Ol' Wheezy
    • Hee Haw
    • Happy Hook
    • The Brendam Docks Crane
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  • BP1992

    My Series

    January 15, 2013 by BP1992

    What's up everybody! It's me, BLW1500 from YouTube. I would like to say that I am preparing a series that I plan to film someday. I don't know whether to use TrackMaster, Take-n-play, or Wooden Railway. I'll see soon. I could just use the Trainz video game series. See you around. You'll be seeing some of my stories up on this wiki soon.


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  • Transitliner5311

    Get Ready!!!!!

    October 28, 2012 by Transitliner5311

    Comming Soon to YouTube in late 2013.

    Super Portable Thomas and Friends

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  • Owen the incline


    August 18, 2012 by Owen the incline

    Hi guys

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  • SR3DFilms

    Hi everyone and I will be strating custom packs!

    Price: 100$ US / 64.45 British Pounds

    Available at: ToysRUs and Target Exclusive

    For all those who love Blue Mountain Mystery, a brand new giant pack features all the new and improved sets! Featuring Rheneas with his new coat of piant, Sir Handel with his quarry dust and Paxton the friendly diesel. Owen the new traction crane and all your friends from the quarry are here!

    Rheneas and the Dyanmite Pack

    Sir Handel at Quarry Pack



    Sir Handel

    Peter Sam




    The Great Quarry Climb Playset

    Paxton at the Blue Mountain Stone Shed

    Slate Loading Station

    Twist and Tumble Cargo Drop (without Paxton as he's in another set in this pack)

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  • Pan0013

    promise is a promise

    September 18, 2011 by Pan0013

    I made 7 pages about Thomas diecast!!!

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  • Pan0013

    I got 7 pictures of Thomas!

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  • Pan0013

    I have to get more badges I'm earning.

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  • Pan0013

    Waste time no longer

    September 18, 2011 by Pan0013

    I found categories to add up the pages and I have to get more badges.

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  • Pan0013

    Flynn is Fiery!

    September 18, 2011 by Pan0013

    I found Flynn. 1 is talking and the other is normal.

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  • Pan0013

    Longer and longer

    September 18, 2011 by Pan0013

    I came back to Diecast wikia!

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  • BashDashCrashSmashReturns

    Could we get someone to find a picture of they wooden Sidney? If they can find him, they can enter a contest for a new admin!

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  • Dart89

    the story of dart

    April 22, 2011 by Dart89

    do know that i'am the real dart! (not really)

    it's Christmas on Sodor and Knapford station is brightly decorated. Percy tells Thomas that Dowager Hatt is talking to us. Thomas is intrigued and chuffs closer to listen to what's going on. Thomas discovers that Dowager Hatt is going to the Dieselworks to see the Christmas tree. She wants to see the tallest and grandest tree. Thomas interrupts, stating that the Steamworks should have a big tree too. The idea of a competition excites Dowager Hatt, who agrees. Later Thomas and Percy are at the Sodor Steamworks where Thomas tells Victor about the competition. All of a sudden, the engines hear loud horns coming from outside - it's Diesel, Den, and me (dart)! The Diesels tell Thomas that they will w…

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  • SirHandelFalcon

    This is a fan-fic I came up with while I was remaking the D10 chase scene with my Take-Alongs & well this will be posted up on, here are some quotes I made for the Fan-Fic:

    James: Thomas we got to get out of here before we get scrapped!

    Thomas: I know we need to find an exit, surely Diesel 10 has an exit or else he would be scrapped already!

    So I want to hear some of your ideas which I can add to the story line.

    Revealed Characters:

    * Thomas

    * James

    * Diesel 10

    The next update will be in early May which means more quotes & characters revealed! Until then if you have any ideas then post a blog comment of your idea:)!


    It is now early May so here are some more quotes & new characters revealed! :)

    Bertie: Hey Thomas want to h…

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